Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Reporting a fire or incident


  • 911: New Haven Fire Department and New Haven and the Yale Police Departments
  • Yale Fire Code Compliance: 203-432-9923
  • Yale Security: 203-785-5555
  • Yale Facilities Operation Center:
    -Central: 203-432-6888
    -Medical: 203-785-4620
  • Risk Management: 203-432-6606

How to use a fire extinguisher

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Choose the Proper Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are labeled for the type and size of fire that they can extinguish. There are 4 basic classes of fires.

Class A fire extinguisher use
Class A: Ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth, and paper
Class B fire extinguisher use
Class B: Flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, etc.
Class C fire extinguisher use
Class C:
Energized electrical equipment
Class D flammable metals
Class D: Flammable metals

The fire extinguisher must be of the appropriate type for the fire it is to be used on. If you use the wrong type of extinguisher, you can endanger yourself and make the fire worse. To make choosing extinguishers easier, most extinguishers on campus are multi purpose ABC and may be used on most fires.

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher:

  • Call for help
  • Pull the pin
  • Aim nozzle at the base of the fire
  • Squeeze the handle
  • Sweep the nozzle back and fort

How to use a fire extinquisher

Continue doing this until the fire extinguisher is dead. If the fire is not out, and you are not in danger, use another fire extinguisher.