Stay Informed

Program these numbers in your phone:

  • Yale Police - 911 or 203-432-4400
  • Yale Security - 203-785-5555
  • Yale Escort - 203-432-walk(9255)
  • Yale Health - 203-432-0123
  • Yale Alert - 203-432-5830

Yale ALERT can reach students, faculty, staff and members of the New Haven community, with time-sensitive information during unforeseen events or emergencies using voice, email, and/or text messaging. The University will use emergency contact numbers that have been registered with Yale. The Yale Alert system and all methods of emergency communications are tested community-wide four times per year.

Remember to review and update your information every fall!

  • Undergraduate students
    The number used will be the emergency contact telephone number entered during the class registration process via the Student Information System (SIS). Students may update this information by logging onto the system and follow the instructions below.
  • Graduate and professional school students
    The number used will be the emergency contact telephone number entered into the student profile via the Student Information System (SIS). Students may update this information by logging onto the system and following the instructions below.
  • Instructions for students updating contact information:
    1. Click on the following link and enter your NetID and password to enter the Emergency Contacts site:
    2. Under Emergency Contacts, click on “New Contact.”
    3. On the Update Emergency Contacts screen, go to the Relationship field and select “Self.” Enter your name in the First Name and Last Name fields.
    4. Go to the Phone Type field and select “Cell.” Enter the Area and Phone Number fields without dashes or spaces.
    5. Press the “Submit Changes” button at the bottom of the screen to save your information.
  • Parents
    Parents are encouraged to provide their emergency contact information. To sign up, students must add their parents’ contact information through the Student Information System (SIS).
  • Faculty and staff
    The numbers used will be your home phone and a cell phone number which you provide in the Yale Portal. Please keep your contact informaiton up-to-date by one of the measures below.
  • Yale extended community
    Yale contractors, visitors, neighbors and members of the New Haven community may wish to recieve emergency communications (text, e-mail or voice) from the university. To do so, click on this link- and follow the directions provided.

Crisis Communication

  • Blue Phones Over 400 exterior phones are strategically located throughout the campus and are readily identifiable at night by blue lights hanging above or near them. The phones are equipped with red emergency buttons for direct connection to the University Police Communications Center for police, fire, or medical emergencies. Each phone is also equipped with a keypad for dialing any campus number.More information
  • Fire Alarms and Public Address Systems 48 of the University’s largest buildings are equipped with the ability to make voice announcements over the fire alarm system. For isolated emergencies involving these buildings, targeted announcements will be made over this system.  Additionally, 102 speakers for exterior broadcasting during an emergency have been installed over the Blue Phones throughout the university. Each speaker is capable of broadcasting a message covering a three block radius.
  • Web Updates During an emergency, the front page of the University’s Web site,, will include prominent links to important emergency information.The YaleNews will also provide university updates. In addition, see for ongoing preparedness and planning information.
  • New Haven Emergency Information Alerts The City of New Haven has purchased an emergency notification system to aid in getting important emergency information to City residents and businesses as quickly as possible when it is needed. Examples of notifications include weather-related alerts, evacuation instructions, and instructions related to City services such as street sweeping or snowplowing. If you are a member of the City's business or residential community,
  • Yale University is on Facebook and Twitter