Develop a Plan

The information in this section is intended as a guide to assist you in preparing for - and during - an emergency. These resources will help you develop plans for your department or unit. Please take advantage of them.

Emergency Response Planning

As a department, unit, college, or school, it is important to have emergency procedures in place in the event an incident occurs on campus. The Office of Emergency Management recommends that you begin by downloading Yale’s Emergency Response Guidebook. This guidebook includes  procedures for evacuation, shelter in place, special events emergency planning and others. If you would like to develop your plans even further, please refer to the emergency response planning page

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Business Continuity Planning equips university units with an approach to maintaining mission-critical operations after any emergency or disaster.  Read more on business continuity planning.

Special Events Emergency Planning

Not every planned special event runs as scheduled. Some incidents occur that are beyond our control. To ensure the safety of our community and visitors, each of us has the responsibility to protect and minimize the impacts of an emergency at a planned special event. The three key elements of emergency management are Plan, Evaluate, Respond. Read more on special events emergency planning.