Develop a Plan

The information in this section is intended as a guide to assist you in planning for an emergency. These resources will help you develop plans for your department or unit. Emergencies can occur anywhere at any time. Yale University plans for all hazards and relies on employees to help maintain critical functions.

Business Continuity Planning
A business continuity plan helps prepare Yale departments and organizations to maintain essential functions after a disaster or disruption. Having a business continuity plan will minimize the impact of a disaster and help you return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning is Yale’s implementation of IT Service Continuity Management. Continuity Management is the process by which DR Plans are created and managed to ensure that ITS Systems can remain healthy or recover, in accordance with stakeholder requirements, should a serious incident occur. The plan includes reactive and proactive measures to reduce the risk or impact of a disaster.

Emergency Management Preparedness Training
Winter storms, tornados, power outages…are you prepared? Join the Office of Emergency Management for an hour-long presentation on personal preparedness measures you can take while you are on campus or at home. 

Emergency Response Planning
As a department, unit, college, or school, it is important to have emergency procedures in place in the event an incident occurs on campus.

Special Events
Not every planned special event runs as scheduled. Some incidents occur that are beyond our control. To ensure the safety of our community and visitors, each of us has the responsibility to protect and minimize the impacts of an emergency at a planned special event.