Be Prepared

Emergency preparedness is a basic survival skill. We encourage members of the Yale community to develop thoughtful emergency plans based on three key concepts:

  • Plan: Prepare mentally and logistically to increase your ability to handle an emergency and reduce the fear, anxiety, and losses that disasters often bring. We encourage you to: save the Yale ALERT number (203-432-5830) and pay attention to all notifications, and download the LiveSafe app.
  • Evaluate: Consider your options, so that you can respond more consciously and manage your natural instincts of “fight, flight, or freeze.” You may only have a few seconds to evaluate the situation, and in that moment you should consider: whether you should evacuate, where the exits are located, if you should shelter in place, and who you should call for help.
  • Respond: Choose how to respond to the emergency in a way that maximizes your safety, including: not taking unnecessary risks, remaining as calm as possible, using common sense, and trusting your instincts.