Fire, Smoke, Explosion


Know where the emergency exits and fire alarm pull stations are in your building.

Know at least two ways out of your building or off of your floor.

Know where the stairs are.


When you hear the fire alarm, evacuate! Do not assume it is a drill or false alarm.

Check your evacuation route for smoke. If unsafe, take an alternate route.


  1. Notify Yale Police calling 203-432-4400, by using a blue campus phone, or calling 911. Give the location of the fire (building, room number).
  2. Sound fire alarm immediately (if not already sounding) by activating a pull station.
  3. If alarm fails to operate, warn nearby occupants by knocking on doors and shouting warnings.
  4. Immediately evacuate the building:
    • Unless told otherwise by building announcements or emergency officials, go to your predetermined assembly location.*
  5. Begin to account for evacuated occupants; report any missing people to emergency officials as soon as possible.*
  6. Do not re-enter the building until emergency officials declare it safe.
  7. Note that trained individuals may attempt to use a portable fire extinguisher only after making emergency notification.

*Planning discussion necessary by your department, unit, college, or school