Power Failure

Danger! Avoid flooded areas and exposed power lines

Call Facilities Operations Center


  • Location (building and room number)
  • Best entrance for responder to go (someone should meet responder at entrance)
  • Nature and extent of emergency
  • Your name and the number you are calling from
  • Do not hang up until instructed to so do.


Follow instructions from Facilities Operations Center or emergency personnel.

Take Action

Turn off computers and other non-essential equipment to help reduce the power surge upon reactivation.

In Laboratories

  • Turn off hot or stir plates, heating mantles, centrifuges, and other equipment
  • with potential for dangerous consequences upon unattended restart.
  • Close all open chemical containers, and safely stop work with any biological materials. Disinfect surfaces as appropriate.
  • Lower sashes on fume hoods.