International Travel

The University strongly encourages all members of the University community who are contemplating travel abroad for educational or other purposes to plan well in advance and to take precautions to ensure a safe trip.

Before you go:

If you encounter an emergency while traveling, take the following steps:

  1. Where serious injury or illness has occurred, immediately seek medical treatment at the closest medical facility and, if relevant, notify your in-country program staff right away. If medical service is not available, contact UnitedHealthcare Global for assistance (click link or call collect 1-410-453-6330).
  2. Call the University 24-hour security office 203-785-5555. Notify the contact person in your program, department, or school.
  3. For medical emergencies, notify your personal health care provider.
  4. Contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or consular service.
  5. Contact UnitedHealthcare Global (click link or call collect 1-410-453-6330) to inform them of your emergency. UnitedHealthcare Global will assist, monitor, and coordinate your situation until it has been resolved or you are no longer in danger.