Unwanted Person


  • Select a code word that people will remember. Example:Dean or Doctor or Mister or Miss (code word)
  • Make sure that everyone you work with understands what it means.
  • Consider testing the plan once a year.


If you find yourself in a situation with an unwanted or threatening individual or observe that a fellow employee is in this kind of situation ask yourself:

  • Is this a life-threating situation?
  • Would a direct call to 911 escalate the situation?

When in doubt call 911.


  1. If you feel this is a life-threatening situation, remove yourself immediately and call 911.
  2. Otherwise, you should telephone someone in the office who is out of the direct sight and hearing of the unwanted or threatening individual.
  3. Advise the unwanted person that you are calling someone that is able to help.
  4. Ask your colleagues to get Dean or Doctor or Mister or Mrs [code word].
  5. This message will signal to your colleague that you need police assistance, without revealing to the threatening individual that the police have been contacted and are on their way.
  6. The person receiving the message about [code word] should immediately call the Yale Police Department at 203-432-4400 to explain the situation (building, floor number and room number) of the person who called you.
  7. Police will respond accordingly.   
  8. The person receiving the call should stay in contact with the person who is with the unwanted individual.

If at any time you feel threatened or unsafe, leave the area and call 911 directly.

*Planning discussion necessary by your department, unit, college, or school