Suspicious Package

Warning! Do not touch, move, or open the object.

  1. Typical characteristics of a suspicious letter or parcel:
    • Excessive postage, no postage, or non-canceled postage
    • No return address or obviously fictitious return address
    • Packages that are unexpected or from someone unfamiliar to you
    • Excessive tape
    • Improper spelling of addressee names, titles or locations
    • Packages that are addressed to someone no longer with your organization or otherwise outdated
    • Rigid, bulky, lopsided, or uneven
    • Unexpected envelopes from foreign countries
    • Restrictive markings [see: United States Postal Service website]
  2. Do not touch, move or open object.
  3. Treat item as suspect.
  4. Isolate area.
  5. Evacuate immediate area.
  6. Notify Yale Police by calling 203-432-4400, by using a blue campus phone, or calling 911.
  7. Request immediate assistance and follow instructions of emergency personnel.

Visit the United States Postal Inspection Service website for tips and prevention on suspicious mail.